Top 3 Brands of Mountain Bikes 2017

Ever wondered what are the top 3 brands of mountain bikes 2017? We searched everywhere for the most sought-out mountain bikes in the industry and we landed to the top 3 of them all. Some people may say that mountain bikes are all the same, in a way they are correct, but that was in the past. Today, mountain bikes are revolutionized, they are more advanced in technology, they are more faster compared to old mountain bikes that we used to know. These bikes are also known to be on top of the competition because of their quality, durability and speed. Here are 3 of the best mountain bike brands in the market today and the Giant mountain bike sits at number 1.


Giant Mountain Bikes

This brand was founded in 1972 and as the years pass by they have changed the game for the industry of mountain bikes. This year, 2017, the brand has gained popularity all around the world. The Giant mountain bike is engineered with innovation, inspiration and craftsmanship, which makes the brand a well-known mountain bike across the planet. Giant is also the first mountain bike brand to launch an affordable carbon fiber bike that can be used in mainstream public without the need of shelling-out too much from the pocket.



Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek is one brand that offers a long line of mountain bikes, from Cross Country, Enduro, Sport, Downhill, Trail, and Dual mountain bikes. Because of the mountain bike ranges they have, the brand is one of the best brands there is in the market today. Because of the complete bikes and options to choose from, many mountain bikers prefer the brand better than looking further.



This brand is the craziest when it comes to mountain bikes. They want their bikes to be unique among other competitors. When we say unique, it really means weird. But the word weird for SANTA CRUZ means making technologically advanced mountain bikes that will topple other brands. Since 1993 they have been making mountain bikes to be the best among the rest. Today, they have 16 models to choose from and each one surely is a winner.