Wedding Essentials To Complete Your Perfect Entourage

A perfect wedding is every couple’s dream, but this entails tons of daunting tasks just to keep up with the current wedding trends. A good wedding plan starts with a list of themes to choose from, a number of interests from both parties, a list of venues and of course time and budget. Drafting a plan though looks good on paper but that doesn’t make the chores easy. From brainstorming the ideas and linking the up with the couple’s passion and interest, to sourcing for suppliers and venues and finally mapping out the time-frame and overall cost, a “perfect wedding” is going to be a back office nightmare. A list of wedding essentials is going to help a lot in keeping track of the best things to put first and which ones to be eliminated through the whole course.

A Theme

wedding theme

Like in most ceremonies this days, a theme never gets old. The couple should always have in mind an idea of what the ambiance of the wedding should be. This puts everything into perspective. Setting up a theme on the very first stages of wedding planning is a must to streamline everything.

The Venues

wedding venues

In a lot of traditional setup for weddings, venues come in 3 sets as always. The  Prenuptial Photography and Videography, The Entourage and The Reception. On the other hand, modern weddings usually just occur in a single venue. Wedding venues used in modern times are usually unique and nature themed. Again this one needs the theme to be considered. If the theme is a beach wedding or a riverside wedding, the venue must at least have one of important detail which is water. Couples must consider this and should at least cover up half of their budget since this will be the overall backdrop of the event. There is no way a wedding would feel like a nature inspired one if the couple and the guests are in a four cornered white hall.

The Date

Setting the date is both hard and easy. Hard for those who have the limited budget to do all the necessary arrangements if the date is set too soon. Easy for those couples though who have been saving all the money and decided to get married after. This is a question of convenience for most as getting married is set depending on the current situation the couple are into. The love story of each couple differs from all and therefore the need of getting married will vary.

The Guests

The number of guests usually depends on the budget, the intimacy of the ambiance that the couple visualizes and the date. Budget is the core base in determining the number of guests the couple should invite. There is a huge difference between trying to accommodate 50 guests to 75 to a hundred or so. Most venues give quotes on a per head basis and of course catering companies as well. Another thing to consider is the date of the wedding which at times needs to be in a mid-week where most working individuals will find hard to come and celebrate.

The Details



The entourage must be perfect. The reception must be as well. A lot of things, tiny bits such as wedding gown, groom’s tuxe, even the bride’s maids and usherettes together with the groom’s men wardrobe should be taken into consideration when you want a perfect wedding. Invitations, centerpieces, cords, veils, and the overall flower arrangement make up the perfect wedding couples wish of having. These tiny details cannot be overlooked as these will finalize the look of the wedding ceremony. Everything should be in tune and harmony with the theme set on the very first stage of the planning.